Our natural gemstones are all hand cut and polished from rough stone, ensuring the highest in quality and design we can possibly find. Stones are always set in Sterling Silver. All pendants include a 18" Sterling Silver chain.

Please keep in mind that all pieces are one of a kind and cannot be reproduced. We pride ourselves in our custom work and can try to match your design as close as possible.


Click on  Thumbnails to Enlarge , scroll below pictures for prices.



Royston, Turquoise. 01A

$ 110.00 USD


Bisbee AZ Turquoise. 05A

$ 139.00 USD


Kingman NV Turquoise. 08A

$ 128.00 USD


#8 Mine, NV, Turquoise. 09A

$ 98.00 USD


Rhodonite. 013A

$ 110.00 USD


Landscape Jasper. 018A

$ 110.00 USD


Indonesian Coral. 020A

$ 118.00 USD


Owyhee Jasper

$ 149.00 USD

From the border of Oregon and Idaho ,this is the original Picture Jasper. This Pendant is extra large,3" long. 



Black Druzy

$ 95.00 USD

Black Druzy Pendant.


Blue Goldstone

$ 118 USD

Beautiful, sparkeling and deep blue.  Goegeous when the sun hits it.2" from the top of the bale.


Azurite Malachite

$ 110.00 USD

Natural 1" stone.



$ 139.00 USD

2" long, pretty pattern.



$ 69.00 USD

Small turquoise pendany.


Nacozari Turquoise

$ 119.00 USD

Framed in shiny silver. More then 1-1/2"long.


Kingman Turquoise Pendant

$ 119.00 USD

Kingman AZ pendant. Almost 1-3/4" long


Turquoise Pendant

$ 110.00 USD

1-3/4" Pendant, Evens Mine, Arizona


Persian Turquoise Pendant

$ 110.00 USD

1-3/4" Long,


Kingman Turquoise

$ 110.00 USD

1-1/4" Long


Turquoise and Opal

$ 110.00 USD

Double stone 1-1/2" Long.



$ 95.00 USD

1-3/4" long from bale.


Snowflake Obsidian

$ 110.00 USD

2-1/2" from top of bale


Cripple Creek CO, Turquoise

$ 95.00 USD

Small but  rare 1" Cripple Creek Turquoise Pendant.


Multi-Stone Pendant

$ 169.00 USD

Turquoise, Coral, and Lapis, 3" to top of bale.


Bisbee Boulder Turquoise

$ 129.00 USD

All handmade with Sterling Silver and Bisbee Arizona Turquoise.


Turquoise and Sonoran Pendant

$ 119.00 USD

Sonoran Sunrise set and adorned wirh hammered silver, attached is a piece of pretty Turquoise.


Sonoran and Carnelian.

$ 119.00 USD

Three inches long, this piece includes a elongated piece of Sonoran Sunrise with an attached piece of Carnelian.


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